Victoria's Favorite Finds

I am in mascara mourning. I just found out that my favorite mascara, djv Beautenizer, has been discontinued. To help myself through the grieving process I went to Sephora to ... Read more!

The Rob Report

The Shared Experience
I wake up at 2:30 in the morning.  If my head hits the pillow by 8:00 PM, that's a good day.  Last night , I bit the bullet and stayed ... Read more!

Janine's Entertainment Blog

What is this 'Zoo Be Zoo Be Zoo' song all about?
After 17 months away, AMC’s “Mad Men” returned Sunday with Joan stranded on maternity-leave island, Peggy concerned by Don’s new found happiness, Roger resting on his laurels, Pete jockeying for ... Read more!

Ed's Test Drive

Nissan Sentra
This week’s test drive is the Nissan Sentra.  A practical car with one of the best known names in the auto biz. The 2012 Sentra offers a good amount of room for a small car, with comfortable seats…though taller passengers will find the rear seating tight.  The cabin has a ... Read more!

Sarah J's Entertainment Blog

Finally! Mad Men is back!
And it was definitely worth the wait. Don seems happily married to Megan, but he's realizing there are perils to getitng hitched to a sweet but clueless younger woman -- ... Read more!

Chicago Sweet Homegrown

Your Wallet

Even gift cards have fees.  It's so easy for you to buy gift cards now.  They're in the grocery store, the drug store, and online.  But,before you buy, make ... Read more!

Tech Styles

Screaming Fire in the Tablet Theater
The wraps came off this week of the newest Kindle line up from Amazon and it includes what many think will be an iPad killer-- the Kindle Fire. The 7-inch ... Read more!

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