Ed's Test Drive

Ed's Test Drive

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Nissan Sentra

This week’s test drive is the Nissan Sentra.  A practical car with one of the best known names in the auto biz. The 2012 Sentra offers a good amount of room for a small car, with comfortable seats…though taller passengers will find the rear seating tight.  The cabin has a ... Read more!

2012 Buick LaCrosse

This week's test drive is the Buick LaCrosse with eAssist. It leads its class in fuel economy. With gas topping $4 a gallon...it's nice to find a car that's easy on gas without having to give up size and comfort. The eAssist, a small battery and an electric motor, is ... Read more!

Weather Radios Save Lives

It's as important as a smoke alarm.  On the road, it can keep you in touch and be a lifesaver.  A weather radio can wake you up in the middle of the night to warn you of severe weather.  A weather radio, with its battery backup, is your first line ... Read more!

Ford Focus Electric

The #1 mileage champ for a 5 passenger car!  Listen to my report below: Read more!

Voters Choice: Best Of The 2012 Chicago Auto Show

If you visited the Chicago Auto Show there are probably a few cars that you're still daydreaming about. Visitors to the show got to vote on what cars and exhibits they liked the most. The winner of "The Vehicle I'd Most Like to Have In My Driveway" was the Ford ... Read more!

2013 Chevy Sonic

The Chevy Sonic is groundbreaking. If this is the future of Chevrolet....they're driving in the right direction.  Everyone knows you can't build small cars in America, because there's not enough of a profit margin. Well, guess what, the Sonic's is built in Detroit. That's groundbreaking in itself. GM and the ... Read more!

2013 Corvette 427 Convertible

Corvette's product marketing manager, Harlan Charles, in the 2013 Corvette 427 Convertible.  It's the best performance in a Corvette convertible ever, 505 horsepower, carbon fiber hood, fenders, floor.  It's nose-to-nose with the 1953 Chevy Corvette.  60 years of Corvette being celebrated at the Chicago Auto Show.  Listen to my brief ... Read more!

2013 Ford Escape Kick Tailgate

It takes a little fancy footwork to open the tailgate of a new Ford Escape. Many of today’s cars have keyless entry.  As long as the remote is in your pocket, the car can be opened by touching a button on the handle.  But the Escape has a convenient feature ... Read more!

2013 Lincoln MKS

We're celebrating Lincoln's birthday, so why not celebrate the Chicago-built car named after honest Abe?  That's right, since 2008 the Lincoln MKS has been built right here in the Land of Lincoln.  See the all new 2013 model at the Chicago Auto Show.  The first one rolled off the assembly ... Read more!

Elantra Coupe and GT

  Not happy with just having the 2012 North American Car of the Year, the Hyudai folks decided to give the Elantra two siblings.  Unveiled at the 2012 Chicago Auto Show are the 2013 GT and Coupe versions of their popular car.  Listen to my report below. Read more!
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