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if your teenager is about to head off to college, you might already be getting tired of schlepping from mall to mall and store to store to get just the right furniture, supplies, bedding, and appliances. Wouldn’t it be great if everything for your kids dorm was in one place? And ... Read more!


 Are you one of those women who  starts hyperventilating when you walk into the shoe department? Many men love shoes, too. But women have a very special relationship with shoes. And let’s face it: it’s totally fun to shop for shoes, because your feet stay the same size and fit ... Read more!


LIFEHACKER  OK,  just admit it . a lot of us - women AND men - have fun dreaming, doing research and preparing for major purchases in our lives - from computers to cars to CD players to furniture and appliances.  But it’s scary, too. What if after you put down ... Read more!

Shoe Freaks

Are you a shoe freak?? A new study in Consumer Reports Shop Smart magazine says many of you ARE. In fact, the women they polled had an average of 17 pairs of shoes; more than half the women had more than 10 pairs of shoes, and 13 percent had more ... Read more!

Being a Facebook Friend Can Save You Money

If you’re a mom or dad, you may have decided to leave Facebook to your kids. But if you’re doing  back to school shopping - especially for kids heading back to college - being a friend on Facebook may end up saving you big bucks. This year - more than ... Read more!

The Incredible Shrinking Products

When you go grocery shopping, does it seem like you’re  getting  less for your money these days? Guess what: you are.   A new survey sited in Consumer Reports Shop Smart magazine shows package sizes are shrinking, but the prices are NOT. The magazine says you have to be extra ... Read more!

Coupon Sherpa

  Shopping at big box stores has become a part of many people's lives. Many moms  and dads plan trips to big national retailers and come back with a van full of bulk stuff - from toilet paper to pampers to cleaning supplies, soda, beer and more. But a Consumer Reports ... Read more!

Back to School

So ; you want to give your kids everything they want and need when they head back to school this year, but you’re realiy worried about the money. Turns out there’s a website just for you. It’s called The website has obtained exclusive back to school deals from brands ... Read more!

Sometimes, the tiniest things can brighten your day and make you smile. I admit: I like weird stuff. I like mixing function with fun. That’s what  one company called KIKKERLAND specializes in. It's a website run by designers with a keen eye and a quirky sense of humor. How about animal ... Read more!


  It happens to the best of us. You get to the mall, park your car, and then realize all the stores you wanted to go to are clear on the other side. Or you're not quite sure where that one store is, but you can't find the map. The search engine Bing ... Read more!
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