To Fashion Week or not to Fashion Week

To Fashion Week or not to Fashion Week

Style and fashion just aren't the same thing.

Get the looks for less

Get the looks for less

Find out Fall's must-haves... this time with wallet-friendly prices.

Gift idea

Gift idea: Ceramic serving bowls

Here's a few ideas on where to find affordable serving bowls.

Victoria's Favorite Finds

I am in mascara mourning. I just found out that my favorite mascara, djv Beautenizer, has been discontinued. To help myself through the grieving process I went to Sephora to ... Read more!

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Go Buy Now: Scarf-Print Blouses
What exactly is a scarf-print blouse, you ask? Simply put, these are silky affairs featuring pretty prints-the kind you'd typically find on a scarf, hence the name — like a ... Read more!

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History with style
If you read this blog every so often, you know my lukewarm feelings on Louis Vuitton bags (this is not a comment on what Marc Jacobs has done with the ... Read more!

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Editors' Picks

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Fall/winter sale at Roslyn
Get 30% off your first purchase from Roslyn's fall/winter collection, and 50% off the second through January 14. Roslyn, 2035 N. Damen Ave., 773.489.1311, Read more!

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Shop site: The Curiosity Shoppe
Online shopping site of the week: The Curiosity Shoppe ( Whether you are moving into a brand new apartment or just looking to add an extra touch to your home, ... Read more!

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