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General Info About Streaming FM News 101.1
Which Device Are You Listening On?

Desktop / Laptop Computer
If you're on your desktop or laptop computer, please select this option to listen to the LIVE stream. This option uses the Adobe Flash Player and is only ideal for desktop and laptop computers. If you do not have the latest version of the Adobe Flash Player, please click the red button below to be redirected to the Adobe download center.

iPhone and iPad
If you're trying to stream from your iPhone or iPad, please download the FM News 101.1 app from the iTunes Store by clicking the button below. Neither the iPhone or the iPad use the Adobe Flash software, which is why you need to download the FM News 101.1 app from iTunes. No worries, the FM News 101.1 app is FREE!

Android Devices
If you're trying to stream from your Android device, please download the FM News 101.1 app by clicking the button below. Similar to the iPhone and iPad app, the Android FM News 101.1 app is FREE!

Troubleshoot Common Issues

Your Workplace is Blocking Us:
If you are at work, the best place to ask for assistance is your local IT staff. They will be able to help you if a simple configuration change is needed to fix the problem.

If your system is behind a firewall (typical at an office network), please contact your network administrator to open up your firewall to allow your system to access this stream via port 80 or verify that they allow streaming media to be played over the network. They will also be the best authority to inform you if it is a firewall setting, media blocking technology, or company policy to prevent audio streaming.

Pop-Up Blocker:
If you are unable to launch this station's media player after clicking on the listen link, and you receive the following error displayed below, please mouse over the error message and select "Always Allow Pop-ups from This Site". As a shortcut, you may also hold down your CTRL key and click on the listen link to launch the player.

Anti-Virus conflict:
If you cannot hear the stream and have tried all three players, please temporarily turn off your virus protection software, and try to reconnect. If you are able to connect after turning off your virus protection, you may need to disable your pop up blocker or add the web page's URL to your trusted sites section. Please consult your virus program's help files for these configurations.

Refresh the Player:
You may also refresh the player by hitting either the F5 button, or the Control and R buttons together.

Still in need of assistance?:
If you are still having problems accessing this stream, please log onto, fill out a support ticket and a representative will assist you with any troubleshooting issues you might have to ensure that you are able to fully enjoy this station online!

Thanks for listening!

Additional Info

Thank you for choosing to listen to FM News 101.1! This station is using Liquid Compass, a national streaming services company to broadcast its signal to the Internet.

If your operating system is Microsoft Windows and you prefer the Windows Media Player you can upgrade to the latest version via the following link that will redirect you to the Microsoft Windows Media Player download site: Download The Player!

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