Hot Tub Time Machine


Do you know anyone who saw the movie Office Space in a theater? Me neither. When it hit the rental market though it became a cult favorite and now it's one of the most universally loved (and most quoted) comedies of all time.

Since the Office Space phenomenon, there haven't been too many movies that have become huge just through rentals, but there is one that's definitely making a big splash: Hot Tub Time Machine. It's kind of like the Cougartown of movies; really funny show with a terrible name.

When a guy friend told me to rent Hot Tub Time Machine, I thought he was joking, but I saw it anyway and literally laughed my way through the whole thing. It stars John Cusack, Craig Robinson from The Office and Rob Cordry in a role that totally steals the movie. There are so many hilarious and ridiculous things that happen plus there are some really great cameos.

Available on Netflix, DVD and BluRay, Hot Tub Time Machine is so funny, it may even change how you refer to Google and Motley Crue! (just watch it and you'll understand)

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