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A Local Love Story: Local Bubbly for Valentines Day

A Local Love Story: Local Bubbly for Valentines Day   So many people are jumping on the “BUY LOCAL” bandwagon for everything from meals to gifts to special events. But when it comes to big celebrations – holidays,  anniversaries, Valentines Day - is there anything close to a local champagne? ... Read more!

A Chicago Foodies Dream: "First Bites" Bash February 2nd

It's a chance to check out all those restaurants you've been wanting to try... all in one place. And it's a preview of  one of the biggest restaurant events in the city. To kick off Chicago Restaurant Week which takes place February 17th to the 26th, the Chicago Convention and ... Read more!

A Chili Cook-off With A Twist

  It’s a chili cook off with a twist.  A LOCAL twist, that is. The Green City Farmer’s Market is holding a contest  for the best chili recipe, and just in time for the Superbowl.  But here’s the catch: the majority of the contents have to be local. The only ... Read more!

Rich Chocolates: Buying Chocolate as Local as You Can Get for the Holidays

Lots of people are getting on the “BUYING LOCAL” bandwagon this holiday season. But when it comes to chocolate, how local can you get? You might be surprised. Meet Lauren Pett. She runs the company called “Rich Chocolate and Candies” from a kitchen in Chicago.  She uses local ingredients as much ... Read more!

Have A Very Merry Local Holiday with Winter Farmer's Markets

Christmas wreaths, roasted chestnuts, hot cider, music, squash, apples, homemade meats and cheeses, eggnog, an assortment of harvest fruits and nuts, and all sorts of breads and jams . Sounds good, doesn’t it?  It might not come to mind when you get ready to do your holiday or even your ... Read more!

"2 Sparrows" A Local Food Restaurant Takes Wing in Chicago's DIversey Parkway Neighborhood

Chicago’s Diversey Parkway seems to get  hipper in each season, with new boutiques, bars and restaurants opening at a rapid pace. Now, a restaurant featuring mostly local food and spirits has moved in. It’s called “2 Sparrows”, and it recently opened its doors in the Lincoln Park/Lakeview neighborhood. Chef and ... Read more!

HUMRUM: Chicago's own version of "The Rum Diaries"

Adam Seger has lived in Chicago for more than 10 years. He's been involved with several restaurants  - from Napa Valley to Louisville to Chicago - as an expert mixologist. Now he's come out with something unique, that's showing up in restaurants and liquor stores all across the country. It's ... Read more!

A New Local Food Restaurant Opens in Chicago: Farmhouse

I wasn't seeking it out. I was just walking around in the River North area in search of a few items at several stores.  On the corner of Chicago and Franklin, I saw an interesting new design on an outside wall: Cows. Sheep. Pigs. A lovely black and white design. ... Read more!

A Lovely Celebration of Local Food

What a perfect way to end the Locavore Challenge!  We gathered at the Peggy Notebaart Nature Museum in Chicago's Lincoln Park to nosh on dinner made with all local food sourced that morning from the Green City Farmer's Market. Flowers picked that morning from local gardens graced the tables. Dinner ... Read more!


DAY ONE. SO: I signed up for what's called the "LOCAVORE CHALLENGE" - eating only local food for two weeks from September 7 through the 21st. I started out the morning with fresh blueberries and raspberries. NO O.J., which is my usual routine, but - of course - there's no citrus ... Read more!
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