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Should video games have warning labels?

In the 1950s, comics were destroying young minds and turning them into kill-crazed violence junkies. In the 1980s, it was heavy metal music. Now it's video games -- and a couple of congressmen want warning labels on all games except those aimed at the youngest kids. Rep. Joe Baca and ... Read more!

Finally! Mad Men is back!

And it was definitely worth the wait. Don seems happily married to Megan, but he's realizing there are perils to getitng hitched to a sweet but clueless younger woman -- perils that came out at his surprise party. Megan, save the sexy-time dances for when you're alone, not when you're ... Read more!

The Hunger Games is finally here!

... and I loved it. Yes, I was one of the crazy people at the theater WAY past my bedtime on a work night. It was worthit. The best parts of the book were in the movi -- including the menace, heartbreak and terror. Plus, Jennifer Lawrence brought a bit ... Read more!

Undead Depp vs Disco: Watch the Dark Shadows trailer now!

Listen up, Bella and Edward: THIS is how vampire love is done! It involves Johnny Depp as a 200-year-old vampire who's ressurected during the 1970s. There's an ominous ghost, an amorous witch, and a tiny songstress in a magic box... oh, wiat, that's just the TV. I've never cared one ... Read more!

Is it right to turn a bone marrow search into a reality show?

A 7-year-old kid with leukemia may star in a reality show aimed at finding him a bone marrow donor. Is this an example of reality tv doing good -- or of it exploiting the sick? Luis Danvers was diagnosed with leukemia in 2009. His family has been searching for a ... Read more!

Battle of the Midwest tonight on The Voice

Tonight on The Voice, Chicago's Jamie Lono goes up again Milwaukee's Jamar Rogers in the Battle Round. Only one will advance. Who will it be? Read more!

Watch the new "Avengers" trailer -- what's your take?

Behold! The new Avengers trailer! And there's a healthy helping of angst with your action this time out. This time, we see Black Widow exercise her powers of persuasion on Dr. Banner -- you know, the Hulk. Plus, there's Tony Stark flaunting his dysfunction -- and attempting to beat up ... Read more!

Dancing with the Stars Season 14 cast -- who's your favorite?

Dancing with the Stars has its trademark blend of athletes, musicians, former stars, quasi stars, and "Wait, who's THAT?" names in the cast for season 14. I'm guessing the strongest contenders are Extra host Maria Menounos, original Melrose Place star Jack Wagner, and former Urkel Jaleel White. Don't laugh at ... Read more!

Bridesmaids vs. the Academy

Bridesmaids should have been up for best picture, but I'm guessing that it was too raunchy and unladylike to fly with the Academy voters. But the Bridesmaids cast didn't tone down their act when they presented the awards for short subjects. Kristin Wiig and Maya Rudolph's back and forth was ... Read more!

The Dictator strikes back at the Academy

Sasha Baron Cohen is rapidly turning into the most entertaining thing about this year's Oscars -- and it looks like he won't even be there. He called into the Today show in character as The Dictator -- and it was hysterical, and wrong, and a whole lot of fun. Whether ... Read more!
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