Simple Human Trash Cans


This Favorite Find may sound a little ridiculous at first but trust me sometimes it's the not-so-glamorous things in life that you really learn to appreciate.

What does your kitchen garbage can look like? I don't have room under my sink for one so I had the swing top kind that stood at the end of my counter where my open kitchen meets my living room. It was anything but attractive, plus the bag was always sticking out looking messy.

I decided if my garbage can was going to be on display for everyone to see I needed an upgrade. I went on a hunt and settled on a stainless steel rectangular one by Simple Human. Once I got it home I realized not only does the stainless steel finish repel fingerprints but there's a secret inner garbage can where the bag gets tucked away so when you close the lid you don't see a trace of the bag!

I never thought I could find true love with a garbage can but we are now a very happy couple!

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