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Job For A Day: Diggin' in the dirt

Lise Dominique got her hands dirty during our "Job For A Day" series when she clocked in some quality time at the Chicago Botanic Garden. Watch her day unfold below:   Read more!

Job For A Day: Rolling on the river

Our Jeff McKinney takes his hands off the mic and spends the day at the helm of one of Chicago’s Wendella Boats. Tourists on the company’s popular architectural tour learned about Chicago’s magnificent skyline from the ride’s guide, Jeff:  Jeff also steered the boat down the Chicago River.  Find out if he was a success:   Read more!

Job For A Day: Baked goods

Stop by Branya's Bakery in St. John dark and early and chances are owners Dennis and Jeannie Thiele have been there for hours.    Sounds fun, baking sweet things to eat all day. But, days are long and it can get a little crazy. Our reporter Veronica Carter dived right in and got her hands dusted with flour: Twins Brandon and Anya Thiele help out at the bakery: Read more!

Job For A Day: Tupelo honey

Our morning anchor Mary Ellen Geist visited hundreds of buzzing bees with the Chicago Honey Co–Op.  She donned a bee veil to gather the sweet stuff and managed to keep her cool when faced with the swarm.  Read more!

Job For A Day: Flippered friends

My inner 8-year-old squealed with glee at the thought of working with dolphins, seals and sea lions at the Brookfield Zoo. But I'm not 8 anymore. I haven't been for a while. Would the jaded adult I have become be as thrilled with these marine beasties?  That would be a yes.  The keepers and curator of the Marine Mammals exhibit dealt with my giddiness surprisingly well -- I'm guessing because they understand how lucky they are to work with these animals every day. Yes, the job involves hand-sorting 300-odd pounds of fish a day, cleaning seal poop from unlikely surfaces, and walking around in wet, fishy clothing all day, but everyone I talked to said they loved being with the animals -- pretty much all the time. I got to follow lead keeper Jennifer as she dealt with the dolphins Noelani and Tatum, harbor seals Mango and Banda, and California sea lion Zuma. I was with her as she did her morning checks on the animals, looking them over for any injury, doing some training behavior, and making sure they were healthy and happy. That meant I got to pet the dolphins, seals and sea lions. Basically, I got them ... Read more!

Job For A Day: Edible artistry

Our entertainment reporter Janine Schaults tried to imitate her favorite reality-TV show, "Ace of Cakes" by visiting Tuzik's Bakery in Oak Lawn where co-owner Bill Love showed her the ins-and-outs of cake decorating. Janine got so wrapped up in the process, she flubbed a line.  Good thing the grammar police weren't there:   Step 1:  A blank canvas and the tools      Step 2: Outline the outside of the cake with a shell border      Bill Love of Tuzik's Bakery teaches by example                  Janine tries it for herself.       The pro.                                                                                          The pupil. Step 3: The writing begins      Bill Love expertly writes a message on the cake.                  Janine has a bit of trouble with her spelling. Step 4:  Add flowers and leaves Bill Love's finished product. Ready for serving. Janine's end result. The lesson:  Practice, practice, practice. Read more!

Job For A Day: Riding the rails

Our morning anchor Rob Hart’s love affair with trains began at a young age.  The allure?  It’s part wanderlust, part fascination with the intricate workings of heavy machinery. In another life, Rob would have held his newshound tendencies at bay to traipse around the country by rail.  Rob got a taste of this alternate reality when he visited the Museum of Science and Industry to man the model train exhibit: Rob picked the brain of kindred spirit, William Davidson: Read more!

Job For A Day: Hitting the ice on a Zamboni

Our midday anchor Monica DeSantis loves hockey.  Shocking?  Not if you know anything about the Toronto native.  That hometown information alone should clue you in to which team she calls her favorite (psst…she’s a Maple Leafs fan). Monica used the FM News “Job For A Day” series to fulfill her lifelong dream of setting foot on the ice to drive a Zamboni.  She’s probably the first person to navigate the hulking machine wearing heels: The Chicago Wolves let Monica get behind the wheel.  Watch her tame the beast below: Read more!

Job For A Day: Making movie magic on the set of 'Scrooge & Marley'

Our Chicago bureau chief Charlie Meyerson took a break from the glamorous task of shadowing Mayor Emanuel and spent a day on the set of "Scrooge & Marley" as a production assistant. As the low man on the movie-making totem poll, Charlie fetched drinks for cast members in the winter wonderland created for this gay-friendly retelling of the Charles Dickens classic "A Christmas Carol." Charlie gets his performance review: Charlie goes Hollywood:   Charlie delivers drinks during a scene on the set of "Scrooge & Marley." (Hal Baim/Windy City Times) Charlie looks on during filming of "Scrooge & Marley." (Hal Baim/Windy City Times) The perks of being a production assistant. (Charlie Meyerson) A quiet moment on the holiday-themed set. (Charlie Meyerson) Read more!

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