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Hello! I Must Be Going!

This will be my last blog post for a couple of days.  I'm leaving the 773 (represent!) for points beyond.  I'll be back in a week and a half. But I won't be gone from your life - oh, no sir!    This weekend, in honor of Opening Day (and ... Read more!

The White Sox and the Titanic

Cobb and "The Frenchman" April 15th will mark 100 years since the great ship went down. It also happened to be opening week of the baseball season. Thanks to the Chicago Tribune deep archives, we can look at how the Sox did as news of the sinking raced around the ... Read more!

The Shallow End

This is an election year, and I hope you're ready to stomach 7 more months of pieces slicing and dicing the American voter. People who live outside of New York and Washington will be analyzed in the same way anthropologists analyze a tribe of primitives on some distant continent. If ... Read more!


Just a quick note of welcome to anyone who may have heard my commentaries.   You'll hear them every weekend at :54 past the even numbered hours on FM News 101.1 in Chicago.  They run at a different time on FM News 101.9 in New York. Wanna comment?  You can ... Read more!

Lotto Fever!

We've got Lottery Fever!   And it's about freakin' time.  I'm glad we're finally acknowledging the the genius of "Lottery!"...the short lived TV series from 1983. With all apologies to Marshall Colt, I'm talking about the public mania over the Mega Millions Jackpot.  It's now at 640 million dollars, which ... Read more!

George Clooney's Dad may be Ron Burgundy

There will be an Anchorman 2. Hopefully it will not disappoint. I saw the first movie in the theater. My friend and I fortified ourselves with scotch beforehand...just to make sure we were in the right frame of mind. In the 8 years since “Anchorman” hit theaters...there's been a lot ... Read more!

Chase the Stick!

Several days ago – when writing about the Trayvon Martin case – I said race didn't matter. In saying that, I hoped to head off the emotional detours that have sent discussion of Martin's death into some scary places. I'm not qualified to talk about race. I'm a white guy ... Read more!

Movin' On Up!

Before I launch into today's harangue - I have some good news. The Rob Report is multi-media! Starting this weekend, you can hear my commentaries at :54 past every even numbered hours. They'll run Saturdays and Sundays on FM News 101.1. Hopefully, they'll be on the air in some other ... Read more!

The Facts MUST Speak for Themselves

Here's what we know about the Trayvon Martin case. On February 26th, the 17 year old was walking home from a 7-11 in Sanford, Florida. He had a bag of Skittles and an iced tea. He was wearing a hoodie sweatshirt. His route took him through a gated community where ... Read more!

The Shared Experience

I wake up at 2:30 in the morning.  If my head hits the pillow by 8:00 PM, that's a good day.  Last night , I bit the bullet and stayed up way too late to watch the two hour season premiere of Mad Men.   You know what?  It was ... Read more!
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