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Things Your Dog Wants to Tell You

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew what your dog was trying to say to you? Your dog has a very specific bark for things he or she wants to tell you. My next five blog entries will address nine of those things. There's a bark that means ‘I want ... Read more!

When Treats are Tricks for your pets

Halloween can be scary for your pets. It's what's in the bag that your kid brings home,in the bowl of candy that you're handing out and what's on the ground the next day. All of the candy that's left behind, half-opened, half-eaten and all dangerous for your pet. One of ... Read more!

Vet (erans) and Pets

  Those who don't think that the government ever does anything right may applaud this move by the House of Representatives.    The Veterans Dog Training Therapy Act is a program where service members with PTSD can train shelter dogs to be service dogs for disabled veterans. As more servicemen ... Read more!

Dog Saves Kittens

It's a story of abject cruelty and ultimate heroism. A litter of 5 tiny kittens, sealed into a bag of cat food and tossed onto a rural Iowa roadside and left to die. The bag was run over by cars until Reagan the yellow Labrador retriever found the bag, dragged ... Read more!

PAWS Adopt-a-Thon

This is it! It's the weekend to adopt one (or more?) of the 100 adorable dogs, cats, puppies, or kittens who need a home at this weekend's PAWS Chicago 4th annual 36 hour Adopt-a-thon. It starts Friday at 11 a.m and runs through Saturday 11 p.m. Consider the timing. If ... Read more!

Pet Spending

You’d think that in this economy, we’d cut back on all of our expenses but 68 percent of dog owners say they intend to keep spending the same amount as always to pamper their best friend. Surveys also show that more of us own pets than ever before and around ... Read more!

Healthy Pets Make Healthy Owners

You'd pay anything to make sure that your loved ones are healthy, right? 70 percent of those people recently asked say that includes their pets. Most of those say they'd spend up to a thousand bucks to save their pet's life and a good chunk would spend three grand or ... Read more!

Thanksgiving for Dogs!

Shouldn't every creature get Thanksgiving dinner? Six shelter dogs from Chicago Canine Rescue got their made to order Thanksgiving feast this week. The adorable adoptables were fed their holiday dinner at Kriser's on Clybourn, , an all-natural pet store chain in Chicago. If you didn't know the dinner was for ... Read more!

Lost my Doggie dot com

It's like an amber alert for your lost dog or cat. I lost my doggie dot com is another way to find your pet while you post flyers, check the shelters and take out ads in the papers yourself. It gives you the ability to call and notify thousands of ... Read more!

Alternative Pet Medicine

East meets West for some when it comes to animal care. Consider how many people you know who have used acupuncture, acupressure, herbal medicines and chiropractic to heal both mind and body. Because it has worked so well on humans, many vets trained in traditional animal medicine turn to a ... Read more!
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