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What's the most important thing you can do to keep your car longer? Change your oil ON TIME, don't put it off.  Neale Kuperman is a director of the National Auto Dealers Association, and he is a Toyota dealer.  He says picture oil looking like water flowing, and then it becomes a silly-putty substance.  It sticks to the valves and then doesn't give the movement you need to make the engine more efficient.

Kuperman says putting off oil changes is one of the most common mistakes among car-owners.  The other is not looking at the car's manual.  Kuperman says some people read it cover to cover, others just glance at it and never open it again.  He says you should find the maintenance schedule and follow it. Know what your car needs done before you go in for maintenance or repairs. Cars today need less maintenance than ever, but you have to do what's required. 

If you're looking for a new car, you should know that fall is traditionally a good time to car-shop. New models are coming in, and dealers are looking to clear out the previous year's cars.  This year there's another reason you may want to go car-shopping: incentives. Japanese car-makers are finally back to producing cars as usual after the earthquake and tsunami practically halted production for months, leavng not much choice on the lots.  Automotive News is reporting that Toyota and American Honda are already offering deals to make up for lost sales this year.

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