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Victoria's Favorite Finds

Zap Zits with the Zeno Hot Spot
There are a lot of things that can happen to start your day off on the wrong foot, one of the most annoying for me is waking up and feeling ... Read more!

Janine's Entertainment Blog

Adele's vocal scare
Adele is taking a much-needed rest and it’s not by choice.  The singer is having problems again with her voice, forcing her to cancel her sold-out U.S. tour that was ... Read more!

Your Family

I Hate the Term Step Mom
I hate the term STEP MOM! I'm a step mom. I get along very well with my step-daughter. I strongly, actually, I HATE THE TERM STEP MOM! Those fairy ... Read more!

Animal House

Pet Bird Treats
Parakeets, parrots and cockatiels, oh my! I’ve heard from so many bird lovers about how warm and loving a pet bird can be. Some of you have even compared your ... Read more!

Your Inner Voice

Your Inner Voice
It's OK To Believe...
I'm so glad you found this space! A place to let your inner voice play, to say the things you don't normally say... (except on the 'net..) So I'll get ... Read more!

Shopping Blog

if your teenager is about to head off to college, you might already be getting tired of schlepping from mall to mall and store to store to get just the right ... Read more!

Sarah J's Entertainment Blog

Dancing With The Stars: I defy you not to weep....
...seriously, J.R. Martinez made me cry. A lot.
DWTS asked the competitors to dance the story of their most life-changing year -- so it's no surprise that J. R. Martinez, the actor and army vet who ran over ... Read more!

Tech Styles

Kitchen Blog

Dessert Pizza
Here's a fun and nutritious after school snack recipe for the kids....or if they have friends over it's something they will can even have them help you. Make up ... Read more!

Helpful Hints

Clear The Clutter
Open Kitchen Cabinet Doors To Reveal Extra Space
Despite living in a digital world, I still manage to have piles of paper.  Bills, invitations, coupons, and it all ends up on my kitchen table and countertops.  So to ... Read more!

Your Wallet

Hitting the Road
YIKES! THANKSGIVING'S ONLY WEEKS AWAY!You're probably out of luck finding a reasonable fare if you need to fly during Thanksgiving, and haven't purchased your ticket yet.There's always flying ... Read more!

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