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I hate the term Step Mom

I hate the term STEP MOM! I'm a step mom. I get along very well with my step-daughter. I strongly, actually, I HATE THE TERM STEP MOM! Those fairy tale movies make us all out to be villains. We're evil and cruel and don't care about the children. That's ... Read more!

Have you ever heard of the family bed technique?

FAMILY BED TECHNIQUE I've been exploring ways to get the kids to sleep...- I'm hearing about this thing called THE FAMILY BED TECHNIQUE.  It's similar to co-sleeping or sleep-sharing but doctors say it is not recommended for babies. That can be dangerous.  This is for older kids. Parents who participate ... Read more!

Get the kids to sleep

Do you have trouble getting your kids to sleep? I've been exploring this issue all week and I've talked to everyone. Moms, Dads, Experts and Sleep Coaches (yes, there IS such a thing) all agree on setting a night-time routine to get results. ROUTINE. It turns out humans are creatures ... Read more!

Don't stress out about Thank You cards for kids

My mommy friend forgot to send my daughter a Thank You card after she attended her son's birthday party. I thought to myself (all high and mighty) "Geez, Doesn't she know proper etiquette?"   Guess what happened a few weeks later? I forgot to send out my daughter's birthday party ... Read more!

Kids Birthday Party Ideas

BIRTHDAY PARTY IDEAS FOR KIDS   My amazingly creative neighbor Dawn throws the best kids' parties. Every summer she comes up with new unique ways to keep the kids entertained without spending a fortune.   This year she spray painted a TWISTER game board on the grass and the kids ... Read more!

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