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Shop site: Birchbox

Sometimes it seems like fall and winter will never ever get to South Florida. But hold on, the humidity will lift to something approaching endurable; the temperatures will plummet from sub-tropical to merely tropical and hurricane threats will magically turn into Caribbean breezes. Of course here in SoFlo, it’s hardly ... Read more!

Flash sale fatigue and discount doldrums

I never thought I’d say this, but enough with the daily deals. Enough with the bargains, the constant nagging, the incessant limited-time pressure, the going-going-did-we-mention-it-was-nearly-gone sales. I’m over it. A story on about daily deal burnout asserts that the daily deal phenomenon isn’t going away any time soon, but ... Read more!

App we love: SaleLocator

Mobile and Web app SaleLocator, available as a free download on iPhone and Android, helps you quickly locate and sort nearby in-store sales at retail stores such as Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Office Depot and more. Shoppers can search sales by keyword, category or visit the Back to School tab ... Read more!

Shop site:

Online shopping site of the week: Fanatics of social media and online shopping rejoice — there's now a website where your favorite Internet pastimes are conveniently combined in one entertaining site. is a delightful website that, if possible, makes online shopping even more fun by implementing features of ... Read more!

App superstore connects the dots to shopping deals

I have to come clean: I am still a "dumb" phone user since I don't have a smartphone ... yet! I would love one since it would seem everywhere I look people are glued to their phones. And with so many apps to do basically everything you can think of, ... Read more!

Under $100: Preppy picks

When you hear the word "preppy," a few things immediately come to mind: pearl necklaces, penny loafers and characters like Blane and Steff from "Pretty in Pink." In other words, it conjures up a look that hasn't been wildly popular since the '80s — until now. Thanks to the combination ... Read more!

Convertible clothing: Get two - or more - for the price of one

Why should your clothing and accessories only suit one occasion or mood? Thanks to the ingenuity and creativity of today's designers, there are many items out there that, just by wrapping them differently — turning them inside out or switching them around — allow you to have myriad options. When ... Read more!

A new discount site for seniors

A new website -- Sciddy ( -- is vying to be a "go-to" resource for seniors seeking discounts on just about anything. Although it's still very much a work in progress, you might find it a useful check for any place you intend to visit. But pickings to date ... Read more!

Shop smart online with Shopittome

Online shopping site of the week: Shopittome ( The days of waking up early and fighting crowds to score on a big clothing sale are over, thanks to — the savvy shopper's new secret weapon. The free website, which more than 3 million users have subscribed to, serves as ... Read more!

How to save in the long run: Sale mania vs. wise buys

With all of the amazing sales this summer season, it's so easy to get swept up in sale-mania. Don't get caught buying something that seemed to be a great steal and have it end up sitting in your closet until next summer. Check out the best ways to avoid "buyer's ... Read more!
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