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Prada therapy

I don't know about you, but watching Sir Ben Kingsley and Helena Bonham Carter is therapy enough for me. I am so very fond of both. And certainly, I won't be finding retail therapy at Prada anytime soon. But this ad is oh-so-hysterical it's almost soothing. It's like Prada completely ... Read more!

The Little Black Jacket

You've heard of the Little Black Dress, a staple in place largely because Coco Chanel put it there. But she's also responsible for another staple -- the Little Black Jacket. Yours doesn't have to have a Chanel label to fit the bill. Mine happens to be a pseudo biker-jacket, but ... Read more!

Working girl

                                  Is this.....                                                                      ...the same as this?                                                 Where do sneakers belong now? They've clearly gone past the arena of strictly an athletic shoe, as Poppy Delevigne's studded darlings on the right illustrate. ... Read more!

"I like weird"

Typically, the only time I go into an American Apparel is when I need to complete a Halloween costume with some basics. Actually buying something from the store to wear, I'm not into. Have you actually felt their T-shirts? They're more abrasive than a cat's tongue. And I don't know ... Read more!

Get your leather leather leather on

Not only a fantastic call to arms, but also a great line from my favorite Yeah Yeah Yeahs song.  Sorry to all you vegan dressers out there, but Iove leather. Leather shoes, leather jackers, leather gloves. You name it. Leather goods for your bottom half are back in a big ... Read more!

You're such a loafer

Sorry for the long absence. In the blog world two weeks away is inexcusable, so I offer no excuse. Instead I offer...comfortable footwear. Behold  -- A city reporter's best friends: Comfy, androgynous flats I never have to shine, with that added chic the patent leather lends. Appropriate for nearly any ... Read more!

History with style

If you read this blog every so often, you know my lukewarm feelings on Louis Vuitton bags (this is not a comment on what Marc Jacobs has done with the apparel, which is devine). That said, this video is pretty rockin'. It's a sketched interpretation of of the house's history, ... Read more!

Karl Lagerfeld's many puzzlement-inducing comments

So we all know that Karl Lagerfeld is a little bonkers. He says some crazy stuff, much of which is a twinge offensive to the middle class/middle weight women of the world. Plus, he put his own face on two shirts for his line at Macy's. Because nothing is chicer ... Read more!

It's windy, so.... let's talk about windbreakers. Since today is absolutely gorgeous I've decided it's spring, come hell, high water, or -- god forbid -- another snow storm. But it's still going to rain and bluster about, so a servicable jacket is needed. Previously thought of as completely unstylish and reserved only ... Read more!

All hail his Highness of high heels

We all know Manolo Blahnik is wonderful. There's a reason why people fall all over themselves for his shoes --  they're not just status symbols (like a Louis Vuitton bag. I will never get that obsession), but they are truly works of art. Blahnik designs whimsical, modern, sexy shoes, with ... Read more!

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